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Our Agreement

Please click on the tabs below to learn more in detail about our policies, requirements and other general information. If you still have questions, feel free to call us at a time most convenient to you during our regular business hours. 


Children must be 2 and 1/2 years or older and toilet trained. A registration form, physician's form, emergency card and tuition policy agreement must be on file. An annual registration fee and annual curriculum/material fee is required and must be paid at the time of enrollment. Students withdrawing from the program must file a 30-day written notice with the director.
State of Nondiscrimination
Our school is operated on a nondiscriminatory basis, with equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.
Procedure of Admission
  1. When parents first contact the office concerning information about entering their child, an application for admission will be made available.
  2. The complete application will be set up with the director and parents, at which time the goals, purposes, philosophy, policies of the school and general information concerning the child and his family will be discussed.
  3. Completion and acceptance of the registration form, tuition policy agreement, emergency card, physician's form and immunization record, and payment of fees constitute registration.


Tuition is due on the 1st day of the month if paying monthly and will be considered late after the 5th day, whereupon an additional fee will be charged. Weekly tuition is due on Monday of each week. Tuition not paid for 2 weeks will cause a child to be withdrawn until the delinquent tuition is paid.
Registration fees are non-refundable. Registration and curriculum fees are annual to the month of your child's enrollment.
No credits are given for holidays, illness or vacation.
  • A 1-month written notice is required when withdrawing a child from our program.


Arrival and Pickup
  1. Your child may be picked up only by those persons designated on your child's records.
  2. If for any reason the parent or guardian wants someone else to pick up their child, they must bring a note signed by the parent or guardian or see the director in person.
  3. Each child must be signed in and out each day by those authorized to do so. Sign in/out sheets will be posted on the Parent Communication Board.

Parent/School Communications

At Sorrento Valley Children's Center, we feel that parent support and active participation are necessary and vital components of our program. Responsibility for your child is shared when he or she is enrolled in our school. We feel that your child's maximum progress will be realized through a sense of continuity derived from the mutual respect and cooperation between your family and our school.
Parents will be informed of the latest developments and announcements relative to the school through our monthly newsletter and via the Parent Communication Board outlining each week's plan and a daily note of activities. Parent-teacher conferences will be held on a scheduled basis throughout the year. Parents requesting a special conference may make an appointment with the teacher.
Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time (except during rest time) and to confer with the director by appointment.

Health Requirements

Your child's health is of major importance. For your protection our school has adopted the following policies:
Children must be in good health to attend Sorrento Valley Children's Center. Children who are noted to be in ill health upon arrival will be asked to return home by the director until he or she is well enough to return to school. Children who become ill at school will be isolated until the notified parent can come to pick up their child. Medication prescribed by a doctor can be given at school (only at 12:30 PM) with written authorization from the parent.
A child who is fatigued, shows signs of illness, or has had a fever in the last 24 hours should be kept home. Your cooperation is your child's protection.
If your child should be exposed to a communicable disease, you must inform the director immediately so incubation dates may be verified and the health needs of all children protected.
Please list on the enrollment forms any allergies your child may have. Include any sensitivities to insect stings, if any.

Emergency Cards

Emergency cards are essential to the child's attendance at school. Be sure that addresses and telephone numbers of those designated to pick up your child (including your own) are kept current. If an accident occurs during the day (aside from minor bumps and scrapes), the emergency card becomes our means of getting in contact with the parents or whomever has been designated in their place. The parent will be notified of what action has been taken. 
NOTE: The state of California requires a physical examination, TB test, and all required immunizations upon Initial enrollment in school.

Personal Items

All children should keep a complete change of clothes at school. Jackets/sweaters and other clothing articles must be clearly labeled. Nap-time bedding (small pillow, blanket, fitted crib sheet) must go home each Friday for laundering.

Share Days

Share schedules are determined by each class. Check with your child's teacher. Share items should be clearly labeled with your child's name. Home toys are not invited to come to school. Share items must be theme-related or letter-box related and would be used as display items. In this way, personal items are not lost or broken and the provided activities are used. Soft nap toys are used at nap time.


Nap time is from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. A special blanket and sheet will aid in your child's comfort and security at this time. A child-size blanket should be provided. A soft nap toy may be included with nap-time belongings. Take these belongings home on Fridays for laundering.


Nutritious snacks will be provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Parents will be responsible for providing a well-balanced lunch daily. Milk will be provided for lunches. Children will be involved in preparing snacks for our parent functions.

Field Trips

Field trips are initiated to coincide with the learning theme of the week. Parents will be notified ahead of time on the Parent Communication Board. A permission slip must be signed prior to a child leaving the school for such activities. Parent volunteers are needed to provide transportation for the field trips. 
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